Kenya is world famous for its amazing climate, a variety of constantly evolving habitats ultimately hosting a great diversity of not only hundreds of African birds, but also a phenomenon share of migratory birds escarping the harsh climatic conditions from nearly all corners of the world.
Amongst this entire array of myriad species of birds, Kenya is home to one endemic bird called Taita Apalis Apalis fascigularis and seven other top species as well as various other regional endemics. However,

Taita Apalis is now critically endangered and if no action is taken to save this rare species, it could become Kenya’s first endemic bird to become extinct. A recent survey done by a forest biologist and research associate with the National Museums of Kenya who studies endangered birds around the world recorded a shocking evidence of a sharp decrease. The most recent shocking data collected between 2012 and 2014 confirmed a downward trend to the estimated 100-200 individuals now. This insect-eating bird, which helps to keep pests at bay in the forests and farms, is threatened largely by humans clearing large sections of vegetation for farming hence exposing this bird to severe predation by rodents, monkeys and snakes. Perhaps this bird is the most sought after species of bird to any discerning birder visiting Kenya today.

The Taita Hills

The Taita Hills belt of forest, within where the Taita Apalis is found is a rapid retreat and many of the creatures that you will encounter on your valuable visit there are on the lamentable list of endangered species, and face a bleak future. So, the challenge ahead is SERIOUS and the TASK difficult, but essential.
It is therefore our essential duty to present and convey the spectacle and magnificence of this endemic bird as our principal commitment to request you to make sure that your Kenyan holiday includes a visit to the Taita Hills Forests to perhaps support the efforts put in place to help preserve this heritage by nurturing these natural jewels!

Travelling with Ben’s Ecological Safaris, www.bensecologicalsafaris.com will ultimately help accomplish this task with distinction. So, we request you to join us and together we can make this significant impact.
Ultimately, after taking any of our trips, it will be difficult not to reflect upon the importance’s of conserving this treasured gift-Kenya’s pristine areas within where our tours are organized .

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