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Sand Dunes Walking


Some of the world’s largest and most beautiful dunes are located here in Africa and more specifically in East Africa. Glistening valleys, vast hills of shifting sand, and desert atmosphere make the dunes truly a must see and you will absolutely love it! 

When it comes to fun and excitement, we can accommodate just about everyone’s needs. From an exciting guided Sand Trails Tour or a professionally guided Interpretive Scenic or bird watching Tour on one of our famous safari-custom 4x4 vehicles driven by our skilled drivers. 

The fun starts when you are picked up by our 4X4 Land Cruiser and taken to the site where you will have your big adventure. Afterwards, we will stop for refreshment, before sunrise or sunset from the high dunes and perhaps slide down. This will definitely give you an exhilarating Sand Dune expedition experience and even perhaps some of your happiest memories.

The desert oasis of the Northern Kenya is still one of the unexploited sites for one of the most unique adventure tours not fully discovered in Africa:-Sand dunes adventure tours. Here we also take people who are more adventurous for Desert Sand Dunes experience. People of all ages - including kids, teenagers, and adults have unique opportunities to visit these areas on a specialized 4-wheel-drive vehicle driven by a professional driver. We can offer this tour as a group tour with other travelers, or privately. 

In most cases, we divide our sand dunes tours in to two parts; half of the tour is driving to the sand dunes, up and down the dunes as we enjoy various attractions on the way. And the other half of the tour is a unique chance to try the adventure walk at the fine-grained sand of the desert dunes. This sand dunes trail walk is a trek over impressive sand dunes to the beach. Walking up and down the sandy dunes can be fairly challenging especially on a hot day and hence we try to do these trips early in the morning or in the evening. We will walk gently having lots of fun, and this does not require any patience or ability. The drive to the location is just an amazing thrill ride, but this is more than just a thrill ride: the gigantic sand dunes are beautiful, surreal and mesmerizing.

We often have visitors who want to experience the beauty of the dunes perhaps even on a bird watching activity, but are not looking for an explosive excitement or adrenalin. We have however created the SLOW AND RELAXING DUNE EXCURSIONS for these types of travellers. Instead of racing up and down the dunes, on this private tour we will take you on a relaxing exploration of the sand dunes at a moderate pace that will make sure that you will have multiple opportunities to take photographs. And perhaps you will even be able to watch the amazing sunrise or sunset over the dunes. These tours are absolutely very romantic and relaxing, and hence you are welcome to bring your own bottle of champagne or wine and we can bring some glasses for you! 

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