Cultural Safaris

As we move into our next decade in business, the passion for travel that fuelled us at the beginning continues to be the driving force behind the experiences that we provide to our perceptive clients.

We are committed to transforming dreams into reality, with enthusiastic leaders, expert staff and carefully crafted itineraries timed for the best seasons. As far as cultural experiences are concerned, East Africa offers a bizarre collection of mind blowing cultural practices. Every journey will bring you closer to the people, their culture and heritage, and the natural beauty of the areas that we visit. 

If the East African cultural diversity delights you and you are enticed by the wonders of meeting different cultures within their home environment, you are welcome to join one of our Cultural Explorations Expeditions and experience the unique blending of old and new civilizations, from west to east, across East Africa. 

East Africa is one of the most culturally rich areas of the world. The people of East Africa are usually classified in 3 main major language groups, and these are known as Bantus, Nilotes and Cushites. These major groups of people are then divided into tribes, sub-tribes, clans and all the way down to families. In East Africa, the Bantu group is the most dominant group in most places, although there are reasonably many groups of Cushites as well as Nilotes. 

East Africa is recognized as the Warm Heart of Africa, a land of contagious smiles and genuine friendship. So, let the Warm Heart embrace you!

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