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Special Adventure Expeditions.

Over the last few years now, we have been doing some special expedition tours for different range of people; individuals, institutions, bird clubs, conservation organizations just to name a few. Our main specialization is organizing this sort of expedition programs mainly to the less visited areas of East Africa that would perfectly offer a unique experience to the participants.

However, even though most of these expeditions can be tough, we’ve created our own philosophy where travelling is not just for tourism, but a real adventure, which introduces a different perspective of life hence giving our clients an exceptional opportunity to immense themself in local hospitality. 

There are various very successful ‘special adventure expeditions’ that we have hosted like the Rediscovering of the Collared Lark in North Eastern Kenya, an endemic bird that was not previously recorded in its potential area for nearly 50 years.

Recently, we also hosted a Raptor Road Survey of Northern Kenya funded by Peregrine Fund. This trip was mainly thought about given the rapid development of northern Kenya and the number of large-scale infrastructure projects that are planned for this region. Hence we undertook a two-week road survey to document raptors in this little studied region areas of eastern Lake Turkana, Illeret, Huri Hills, Forolle (Kenya-Ethiopia border), Moyale, Marsabit and Laisamis transecting over 2356 Kms.   

Given how little is known about the biodiversity in this region we also recorded observations of large mammals, reptiles and birds other than raptors exclusively confined to these areas. Our surveys were conducted immediately after one of the heaviest rainy periods in this region in recent memory and we recorded 770 raptors with an average of 33 raptors/100 km.

So, if you have similar ideas to travel to Africa for a life-enriching event, encompassing a variety of natural and cultural wonders, the kind of adventure you can only experience with us, we will be thrilled to host you. East Africa has always mesmerized the spirit of those who probed into its rich, historic tapestry and the same scenes have fired the imaginations of visitors and explorers in many years. Benefiting from our experience and expertise, we invite you all with great enthusiasm to embrace the intriguing wildlife, glorious habitats, ancient tribal cultures and enduring landscapes of Africa.

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