Photography Tours

Above all, East Africa is famous for its incredible game viewing and safari opportunities. With more than 100 National Parks, Reserves, Sanctuaries and Private Ranches, besides 75% of wildlife being in unprotected areas, the areas to possibly enjoy classic photography are no doubt enormous. Each place ultimately offers something different from the next. These diverse wildlife photography areas are set against magnificent backdrops - volcanic mountains, escarpments and vast lakes nestled in the Rift valley, savannahs with umbrella acacias, and impressive castles of clay-termites mounds. For a photographer, you will run short of your memory cards, but not possibly running short of the photography subjects.

Photography in East Africa provides a unique opportunity to capture special moments in time hence portraying the uniqueness of either mammals, birds, people and other photography subjects around you on safari. 

In East Africa, mammals are relatively easy to photograph, but birds provides a significant unique photography challenge. We therefore always advice our various photography clients to try and capture special moments or peculiar behavior in order to get unique photos. 

Over the last few years, we have organized, hosted and guided highly successful photography tours throughout East Africa for different range of people. We take care of all levels of photographers- from amateur to serious-professional and well dedicated photographers. If you are a professional photographer, in East Africa there are so many photography subjects; and we can also give you a hint on a couple of challenging photography subjects, as well as the subjects on high demand/selling photos in the photography market. 

So, as you plan for your next East Africa Photography Safari, let us help you prepare for your memory haunting photography safari…….. 

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