Scenic Photography

East Africa offers a wonderful selection of breathtaking landscapes and sceneries for anybody who has that kind of an interest. Starting with the Rift valley the greatest treasure in scenery spectacles, the Rift comes with magnificent lakes, escarpments and many other landforms.

For example in Kenya specifically, our Safaris will take you to the stunning views of a number of well selected sights like the famous Elgeyo Escarpment, Kerio Valley and the Tugen hills in the west. We will also take you to so many other excellent view points of the Rift Valley and possibly approaching the rim from different view points and in all directions i.e. East and west. Northern-western Rift is an excellent area to explore with many land forms like Lake Bogoria's teeming with flamingos, hot spring and Geysers all in the shadows of the dramatic walls of the Siracho escarpments.  

Further north you reach Lake Baringo with Crocodiles and Hippos in its fresh water and a wonderful view of the Tugen and Kamasia Hills to the west, Pokot Hills to the North and Laikipia Escarpment on the east side. Other small volcanic escarpments surround this brown water lake, where we normally walk along the basalt cliffs watching the incredible variety of birds found here.

Our tours will also take you to Mount Elgon in Western Kenya, which is also a dramatic area with the famous Elephant caves and some other untamed and unexploited attractions. Western Kenya hosts a variety of sceneries and among many locations situated near Lake Victoria, we will take you to sights like Kit Mikayi, (Gigantic rocks) Thim Lich Ohinga-a dry stone wall enclosure with massive stone piled on top of one another.  

The central highlands are also excellent to explore too, well represented by Mount Kenya and the Aberdares Ranges, Mt Kenya forest, rivers and beautiful misted waterfalls, which flow down to the gorgeous escarpments. There are also a variety of photogenic plants like the Giant Lobelias and Kniphophias- a beautiful mountain flower that resembles Aloes.

Further north, we visit a combination of the beautiful Samburu/Shaba/Kora and Meru National Park which is an area well highlighted in a couple of documentaries due to their wonderful sceneries. Here we will visit the George Adamson's Sleeping Lion Rock and even walk following the small mountain ranges, where George Adamson used to walk with his lions.  

The road from Samburu towards Wamba and up to Maralal all the way down to Lake Baringo offers a unique chance to see a great selection of landforms and Rocky Mountains like Mathews Range, Wamba Hills and Sarara Ranges, which have very impressive shapes with acacia forest teemed with birds and mammals.

South of Nairobi we normally visit the world famous Man-eaters of Tsavo region. Here we normally visit Chaimo and Shetani lava flows, Yatta Plateau, Mudanda Rock and Lugard Falls among a selection of other wonderful sights. The Ngulia Escarpment is one of the most beautiful landform in Tsavo and it is here thousands of migratory birds are ringed every year as they migrate through the Ngulia mountains channel.  

Further south-west, we will take you to the famous Taita Hills and the less visited Lakes Jipe and Chala Crater Lake, which are barely known by even most Kenyans.

This is just a highlight of just a few of the many wonderful places that we could take you to enjoy different sceneries. Similarly, The Great Rift Valley all round East Africa is bordered from the end to end by dramatic escarpments, where each one seems more beautiful than the last one you have just seen and from Kenya to Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania to Uganda or Rwanda, we will be privileged to show you around.

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