We know that to most people, a safari in East Africa is a lifetime chance and also to so many repeat guests, it is a great commitment and therefore we recognize the role played by competent and knowledgeable personnel in any of our safari –no matter how short or long.

For that reason, we have dedicated our time, energy and huge amount of resources to study East Africa, as well as the entire Africa; its vast landscapes, its primal cultures, it’s seemingly never-ending landscapes with some of the most interesting animals and plants known the world over. Our dedication to study and understand Africa deeply has almost become more of a way of life for all of us. This is because Africa is our passion, our Home, our Dream, our Hope and consequently our Life.  

It is because of this that we have taken such pride in presenting this setting of our home to everyone who would like to explore the world’s most exciting continent-Africa. Perhaps, with a small hope, that we can share our appreciation of East Africa within where we operate with you. 

In every respect, our driver-guides will amaze you by the way they handle their Toyotas or Land Rover vehicles sometimes in ungodly road conditions as well as their off-road driving skills. However, more than drivers and excellent safari guides, they will become friends; they are wonderful, warm, friendly knowledgeable and trustworthy! What differentiates us from the rest is…..our infinitely accommodating, fun and flexible attitude.

We live by our motto of attempting anything to ensure that exquisite memories of your wonderful trip with us will stay in your heart forever and that all you have to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

  1. - We love what we do and we do it wholeheartedly; we love being on safari and we are so passionate about taking care of people and making genuine as well as lasting friendships. 
  2. - Africa is our home hence we treasure our home and we contribute so much towards conservation of various places that we visit and many creatures that we encounter.
  3. - We have also developed close working relationships with other native guides, who also co-lead the trips with us, especially when we visit their native areas. These guides are masters of their profession and intimately familiar with the culture, history, and local environment around them.
  4. - In some areas that we visit, you will be accompanied by different regional guides who specialize in distinct attractions such as archaeologists at prehistoric sites, Museum curators, Conservationists at particular conservation or research projects, as well as rangers and forest wardens strategically working at certain wildlife infested areas.
  5. - As local residents, we will show you daily life behind the scenes by identifying off-beaten routes and introducing you to local friends and family at markets, villages, schools, farms, and often dropping by a local village or a school (when necessary) for your first-hand experience.
  6. - Our guides create genuine, honest, and personal cross-cultural interactions stimulated by sensitive introductions to local People, Histories, Wildlife and Electrifying Tales about Africa while taking care to minimize our environmental impact by sharing their amazement for our planet.
  7. - We know where to find mammals and birds, the best restaurants for local cuisine, best places to take gentle walks and how to avoid the crowds at popular sites, so that you can have the best and exclusive experience.
  8. - We can go-on-and-on, but we challenge you to try us and you will ultimately experience first hand!!

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