Wildlife Tours

East Africa is well known for its great variety of prestigious big game as well as other small usually unnoticed Mammals. Photographers have no doubt photographed and documented a great variety of Mammals in East Africa and ultimately many travelers would like to enjoy an experience of watching our beautiful Mammals on a true African Safari. 

Our safaris will take you to the various locations of big five's, as well as a great variety of East Africa's Antelopes-anything from Common Eland to Suni (East Africa’s smallest antelope), Big and small cats/Dogs of Africa like Genet, Serval and African Wild Cats, Hunting Dogs and Jackals. Africa is world famous for other large mammals like Hippos, Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes and no tour is complete without getting to see them too.

Our tours will also introduce you to some of the common and rare Reptiles of East Africa too. Since our itineraries are a little bit different from other outfitters, traveling with us provides an opportunity for our guests to see the rarest and unique mammals found in special places in East Africa within where we exclusively visit, and which are not found in many major tourist circuits.  

If you specifically would like to see any given mammal/s, please do not hesitate to let us know and hence we could consider incorporating visiting the areas that will ultimately increase the chances of seeing them.  

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