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....When you travel with us, you will feel like you’re the centre of attention.....

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We’re extremely delighted and proud to present the Ben’s Ecological Safaris holiday collection and to invite you to join us on a superb holiday to this spectacular continent. Come with us to Africa for an experience and memories that will stay forever in your heart.  


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We’ll take you on superb coastal drives, comfortable, but also educative nature walks and hikes, Learn More...


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When you travel with us, you will feel like you’re the centre of attention. Learn More...


Our Team

When you travel with Ben’s Ecological Safaris, you are sure to discover the real Africa.
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Our Philosofy

Our Safari Directors and expert local Naturalist-guides will make sure that you are entirely pleased.
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... Join us on a journey to the many historic sites with very captivating and electrifying history that shaped the future of these nations,...

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What makes for a good Safari? Or even a super Safari?

Obviously, the first consideration is where one goes. Africa is a huge continent and not all of it is “Safari Country”. So selecting a destination known for it’s wildlife is important. Equally important is structuring an itinerary to create an experience that builds and progresses. 

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