First Time to Africa…
No experience can quite compare to your very first safari. Whether it’s starting out at the crack of dawn or just as the sun begins to set, the excitement that builds as you wait to spot your very first animal is truly one of the greatest feelings one can ever have. More than just seeing some of the most majestic creatures to grace the planet in their natural habitat, hearing electrifying stories and tales about Africa from your expert guide and taking in the breath-taking scenery; we will guarantee that this will ultimately be a trip that you never forget.

The unparalleled experience that you will have on safari with us is not limited to nature alone. The vibrant wildlife that you will encounter in various habitats pairs magnificently with the gorgeous inside and that will ultimately build a lifetime experience. From breathtaking accommodation, to helpful guides, awe-inspiring cuisine; each of these facets will enhance your African safari experience!
While knowing where to begin with your first safari may be a little daunting, we are here for you and we will help you put together a collection of optional itineraries and some articles that will help you and no doubt make planning your first trip as easy as possible. Once you’ve enjoyed the wonders of your first safari, we can promise that you’ll want to keep returning for this incomparable experience. 

Wonders of Your First Safari to Africa...

Inspired by Ben’s Ecological Safaris….

Africa is a vast and diverse continent with a wide range of climates and habitats. When planning your holiday this fact is important to keep in mind, as the time of year you decide to go to a particular destination will dictate the quality and quantity of wildlife that you will likely be able to see whilst you are there. Consequently, if you want peace of mind then we recommend getting in touch with us and one of our Safari experts will carefully work with you to establish what will be the best holiday for you. Our guides and office staff have years of unparalleled experience and are therefore best placed to advise you on the optimum time to visit a particular destination. We look forward to helping you plan your dream Africa Holiday.

*Please note that due to the unpredictable nature of weather and animal movements some of the information available online should be viewed only as a guideline.

What’s your best advice for someone travelling to Africa?
My best advice would be, when you come to Africa make sure that you don’t just see everything through your camera lens or through binoculars. There are so many incredible things to see in Africa that you will constantly want to photography, but I think it is also equally important to make sure that you soak in every sight, smell, and sound engaging all your senses. Photographs are surely great to have, but some of the memories will ultimately last forever in your lifetime and are best absorbed when you do nothing other than registering them in your Soul and in your Mind! 

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