Camping Tours

The original first East African Safaris were Camping Safaris, the current Lodges, Hotels, Private Houses, or the modern beautiful and luxurious Tented Camps were not present at that time. Adventure camping was the only way of exploring Africa, the only way to make discoveries from Cape to Cairo and even up to our beautiful mountains. For a hunter, explorer, researcher, or even a slave trader sleeping under the canvas was the only means of accommodation.

Many people tend to associate camping with "Backpackers" or Budget Travelers, but we would like to show you that camping is purely an adventurous experience exclusively meant for the few who would like to immerse themselves much closer to nature. Camping provides more time and chances of enjoying nature directly, as virtually everything you do over a camping safari will provide a direct encounter with nature in different ways.  

We provide two major camping safari programs depending with client's interests, level of Comfortability, Budget and the Spirit of adventure. 

1. Ground Camping or Fly-camping
This is a tour whereby we normally provide you with a one-man or a two-man ten, with a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag camping at some strategic places round the trip. Here we organize everything including food where our experienced Safari cook will prepare mouth watering meals based on locally adopted bush recipes easy to prepare in the bush. Here you will also have a chance to share with us some of your recipes, as well as learn how to prepare meals in the jungle from our experienced safari cook.

2. Luxurious Tented Camps
This is where we do our tours staying in many available Permanent luxurious tented camps, which East Africa is famous for with a number of them voted as the World Best Eco-camps. These are all-inclusive camps and most of the times everything is set under the Canvas creating an adventurous feeling in total comfort.  

Although we camp in a number of places where other accommodation facilities might be available, we mostly like to camp in remote areas away from civilization in order to get much closer to the untamed wilderness. This provides a much more natural feeling than camping where there are a lot of vehicles and other people activities.

We also have expedition camping safaris where we camp in some specific places looking for the rare species of birds, mammals etc…..We also camp in most of our forests in order to be able to do a night forest walk, set off for an early morning forest walk or even listen to the different calls of nature, like listening to the Frogs, Owls’, Bushbabies, Civets, Genet Cats, Nightjars and other nocturnal creatures. 

So, if you are looking for an authentic safari experience under traditional canvas showcasing spacious views and enriching culture, we know a selection of Special Camps and campsites in East Africa, where there is always a warm welcome and a wonderful atmosphere, giving you the perfect choice and providing thousands of scenes to allow you capture the daily drama of life in Africa.

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