Walking Safaris

Walking is mankind’s most natural form of locomotion and millions of people worldwide get immense pleasure and satisfactions by combining it with the natural environment around them. Although traditional vehicle safaris are still the main keystone of tourism in East Africa, walking or rather trekking are becoming increasingly popular activities.

Consequently, we are opening up the East African countryside and within all sorts habitats to pedestrian tourists, where one can experience anything from a half-day stroll through a leafy forest, to a seven day trek through harsh wilderness inhabited by large mammals and predators…….off course under protection from an armed ranger.  

Most tourists who visit East Africa at some point would like to explore the country side and the wildlife areas by foot. Unfortunately, most of the tourists are restricted to their vehicles, camps and lodges perimeter walls while on safari. At the end of their safari, they are frustrated for not having gotten an opportunity to walk in the African wild and experience Africa by foot during their valuable African visit. 

We believe that at some point every tourist would appreciate to walk among East Africa's wildlife and country people to enjoy a true feeling of being in Africa. It is for that reason that we have thought of offering some walking Safaris that will allow us to show you more of Africa by foot.
With a total escort and care from an armed ranger we are able to take discerning tourists to some of the most amazing places where they can pursue this Eco-friendly and adventurous activity. 

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