Office Team; The Spirit to Serve, Promising You Personal Difference!
Each time, a guest ultimately walks into our radar; we have an exclusive opportunity to make him or her feel welcome, comfortable and cared for. Our wholeheartedly team of dedicated staffs consistently rise to this challenge. Their teamwork supplies the “spirit to serve’ feeling behind Ben’s Ecological Safaris brands.. 

Understand Our philosophy.


Best Experience

To offer you that intimate and custom experience, we are personally involved in the designing of your trip in close coordination with our local field staffs who will individually be involved in giving you that specialized service all round your tour. So, when you call or email our office staff you will be speaking with another traveler with first hand experience in your destination, who will help you choose the right trip and craft an itinerary that meets your personal interests and style. 


Native Culture

We seek out small, boutique hotels, camps and lodges and where native culture is strong and we can enjoy regional cuisine and experience traditional lifestyle. Our proposed accommodations deliver charm, amenities and native warmth. Ultimately all tours are designed in indigenous style that fit into their environs naturally and strategically, hence giving you an exceptional opportunity to immense yourself in both local and international hospitality. 


Our Staff

Our staff, both in the office and on the field are among the most diverse attendants in our region. Their openness, attention to details and dedication to services has won many awards and they are absolutely key part of what makes us such a special experience. Whenever you would like to travel, you can be sure of a special experience. Anywhere you would like to travel you can be sure that our team will be with you to attend to your every detail because they see the world as you do. 

    Our Team   Anything you need on your journey, they are always on call to make you feel right at home.
Every destination we take you has a taste of its own as we believe in giving our travelers fresh perspectives.

East Africa.

East Africa sits at the crossroads of Africa; very ready to receive and welcome the world. We think that every time that you get in touch with us and finally arrive here, we will always make you feel like coming home offering you a spectacular range of places to stay or activities to do. How you chose to enjoy it….it is entirely up to you!!!

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