Specialized Guiding Services

As well as providing full tours Ben's Ecological Safaris also offer individual guiding services with qualified members of the Kenyan Professional Safari Guides Association and among the top East Africa's Specialist guides. 

We cater for a range of people and circumstances including:-

  • - Joining you for the day to show you around an area (e.g. a city tour anywhere in East Africa if you're on business or if you require somebody to accompany you for shopping).  
  • - Providing a guide who can assist with sorting out the birds of a particular area (e.g. when you're in your hotel at the coast).
  • - Joining you for part or your entire safari to provide additional expertise and professional interpretation of the attractions visited.
  • - Accompanying Scientific, Research or Photographic Expeditions (including doing some of the preparatory location work).
  • - Guiding Educational trips where we teach about mammals, birds, Insects, Plants, Cultures, bush logic or even professional guiding etiquette.
  • - Providing an additional guiding resource for large tours or educational groups (e.g. if you have a large group on tour and you require somebody to help organize and co-ordinate things).
  • - Rates for all the above services vary depending on the type of a service required, duration, location and time of year; for more information on guiding rates, please contact us and we will respond promptly.

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