“The Love for all living creations is the most noble attribute of Man….by Charles Darwin”

About Ben’s Ecological Safaris-From Very Humble Beginning
Ben’s Ecological Safaris grew from my gratifying experiences working for a number of East Africa’s Top Tented Camps and Lodges as a Naturalist-guide and as a guest’s relations officer, conservation programs manager and often traveling all round East Africa guiding VIP tours. I learned how educative, inspirational and satisfying culturally-respectful and environmentally-sensitive travel can be. Consequently, I longed to revisit all these places I worked before to meet various hosts from time to time and hence it was very clear in my mind about what I wanted to do: I hoped to share all these places that I knew intimately and loved with others who were open and eager for new adventures.

With the help of a couple Helen and Paul Harris from UK, the founder’s of a very resourceful website-www.kenyabirds.co.uk and www.kenyabeasts.co.uk, whom I had met back in my years of working at Lake Baringo Club as a resident ornithologist; I put together a two-pages webpage inviting "curious, keen and discerning travelers" to join me on a "Journey to discover many East Africa’s destinations on their bucket lists. At that point in time I knew that I wanted my travel group to be small enough not to overwhelm the experience, I wanted to interact directly and respectfully with local people and natural environments, and, rather than drain local resources, which I believed we should make a contribution to their preservation. I was seriously committed and concerned to the idea that local people and communities must substantially benefit from this idea which afterwards came to be properly referred to eco-travel and ecotourism. In my humble capacity I made this concept work and Ben’s Ecological Safaris today is an ongoing experiment and celebration for nearly 20 years of ecotourism; sustainable travel or rather a responsible tourism evolution in action.

Seeking New Opportunities and Lasting Friendships Everywhere We Travel
Ultimately, there are many more people working with me and many more destinations constantly featuring in our safari portfolio. Eventually, comparing this website with my initial two-pages webpage, I am astonished by the distances i have traveled and the firmness of my goals, which is indeed the source of our inspiration to continue propelling even higher. Our growth has been no doubt steady, but gradual. However, we always add new trip destinations only after we know them well and after we establish personal relationships with the people and other service providers who would be in place to operate our programs. We continue to enjoy the process of developing new trips and personalizing each departure for the interests of the participants. Above all, we remain at your disposal to create personal experiences based on the knowledge acquired other than providing set tours.

Consequently, our principal goal is to provide you with intimate access and rare experience to the best of our part of the world. Every year we are as enthusiastic about each new trip as we were about our first safari and you, our clients, continually stimulate and challenge us to learn more and do our professional best. We are always gratified by the trust you place in us, the honest and appreciative trip evaluations we receive from you after you travel with us. Similarly, we are indeed constantly touched by the kindness of the people who work with us and look after us all around the places that we travel to. Ultimately, if you choose to travel with us, you will join that network of people who share a common goal and understanding of the natural world and you will help us offer happiness, insight and compassion that our tours create.
Ben’s Ecological Safaris is all about creating a more personal, in-depth and meaningful life enhancing travel experiences

As the owner and founder of Ben’s Ecological Safaris, I am still involved in the day-to-day operation of the office and us achief guide often escorting most of the tours impecably adding intimate knowledge of the african bush to  our travel programs. I would therefore like to assure you that you are in the right place and your interests and your search for integrity and authenticity have, perhaps, led you to our website. More than a business, your travel satisfaction is our principal goal. We will create personal investment in quality as we want to have fun on these trips too, so it's in our best interest to design a great trip.

Travel brings people together, broadens our horizons and strengthens the bonds. Travel is the Best Education, an incentive, a reward, and a dream. It’s a way to learn, to change your life and to build life-changing connections. We look forward to many more outstanding seasons and reasons for traveling with you!

Ben Mugambi,
Director/Owner and a Chief Naturalist-Guide.


Ben's Ecological Safaris

“Travel brings power and love back into your life…..by Rumi”

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