Why go on Safari Anyway??

The world we live in is becoming so crowded and our lives are definitely becoming terribly cluttered, so the peace and tranquility of the natural world is absolutely becoming an irresistible magnet and therapeutically important.
However, with the growing numbers of people visiting our wild places it is absolutely crucial to try and ensure that we minimize the impacts on our natural environments. Consequently, by choosing to travel with a company like ours, you will not only have a journey of your lifetime, but also make a crucial and real contribution to the future preservation of the various biodiversity that you will visit.

A journey undertaken through us is no doubt an exceptional adventure to some of the last remaining beautiful natural kingdoms of East Africa on a luxury and comfort that promises to re-weaken your soul. We give you an incredible encounter that captures the imagination of discerning travellers of all ages and cultural background.
With nearly 20 years’ experience as a professional travel operator, we understand that a holiday is all about dreams. So, whatever your dreams for your holiday, we spontaneously know the right people (service providers) and places that can make them come true!! We know how to make it an ‘Irresistible Africa’ – by crafting an adventure just for you and a journey of the heart. So, let your journey begins!!

Why Travel With Us?

Why Travel With Us?

For nearly two decades now, we have been leading the way in adventure travel and ecotourism, not just to new destinations within East Africa, but also pioneering new approaches to travel that guarantee our clients the experience which is qualitatively superior.
At Ben’s Ecological Safaris, Authenticity, Sincerity, Good Faith and Genuineness are all principles of our highest priority-they're all part of the ethics that we embrace in approaching our clients and other different service providers that we work together with. We’re devoted to helping our travelers experience East Africa with the honesty and affirmation that your choice of Ben’s Ecological Safaris implies….a real Africa without deception, which craves for our understanding and compassion.
If you travel for something more adventurous and intellectually stimulating, then it is time you travel with us and Experience the African Wilderness unplugged in 3D. We believe in making the most of every moment, so our services adapts to your style and personal needs. We believe that every journey should be a memorable experience.
Consequently, when travelling with us we seek your personal willingness in strengthening our own humanity, by building the kind of inter-cultural, interpersonal and environmental bonds that enhance rather than exploit the people and places within where we travel. Cross-cultural interaction is not only having respect for local customs, but it is genuine, honest, personal interaction stimulated by sensitive introductions from respectful guides who will indeed introduce you to their home like a friend and treat you as a direct visitor in their home environment.


There is no doubt you can depend on our record of professionalism and safety described by various prestigious travel writers, guidebooks and travel industry media, who over the years have recognized Ben’s Ecological Safaris as a leading ecotourism company.

Like-minded Travelers to Journeys of Discovery

Like-minded Travelers to Journeys of Discovery
Since we create a more personal, in-depth and meaningful life enhancing travel experiences, we therefore consistently attract active and inquisitive travelers of all ages who discover that Ben’s Ecological Safaris are not the stereotypical group experience. Participants on our very small group trips are frequently experienced world travelers who request our services for efficiency, economy, reliability, security and superior leadership. Ben’s Ecological Safaris are physical, intellectual and spiritual adventures--more a state of mind than a risky or arduous challenge. The real adventure is new insights, the awe found in nature, encounters with new cultures, and the excitement of personal discovery.

Travel with us

Chauffeur-driven Services

Chauffeur-driven Services; By a Team of Local Guides Offering Different Explorations
Relax with us from door to door! Your journey starts when you first get in touch with us, and more specifically the moment you leave home. We will drive you from the airport, hotel, office or home. So, you can just sit back relax and enjoy the journey.
The direct involvement of professional indigenous guides in organizing and guiding your Ben’s Ecological Safaris adventures assures that you will definitely have an exceptionally informative, well-executed, and authentic experience. All of these in Comfort and Safety as you relax and enjoy the experiences of native culture and pristine wilderness environments assured of our exceptional accommodations, transportation, hygiene and security, with the support of our professional in-country Naturalist-guides.
We realize that sometimes you need to get things done and sometimes you just want to do nothing at all. Whether you want to Unwind, Work or Indulge, there will be time for you to just Enjoy as you like it.

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