We have recently introduced a Western Kenya bird watching tour that visits many places, which are unexploited. This is to offer a new itinerary to a regular Kenya traveler, who might have not visited these wonderful birding hotspots.

Nearly 30% of East African species are confined to either Western Kenya or found within Uganda-Kenyan border. These tours are co-guided by many local and knowledgeable Western Kenya Naturalist-guides, where besides knowing the birds well; they also know every corner of their areas very well.

Among many other local hotspots, we normally visit areas like Kakamega Forest, Mumias, Mungatsi and Busia grasslands, Saiwa Swamp National Park, Kongolei Escarpments, Marich Pass, Wei Wei Valley, Mount Elgon NP, Sio Port Area, Yala Swamp, Lake Kanyaboli, Lake Victoria surroundings and its Dunga-Taco Point Swamps, Koguta Swamps, for the papyrus specialties, as well as a variety of water fowls. We also visit other areas like Ndere Island National Park, Suba areas and Ruma National Park among a variety of other local hotspots. In Lake Victoria we also organize for bird watching boat rides, as well as birding in various Islands of Lake