Most tourists who visit East Africa at some point would like to explore the country side and the wildlife areas by foot. In Most cases, the tourists are restricted to their vehicles, camps and lodges perimeter walls while on safari. At the end of their safari, they are frustrated for not having gotten an opportunity to walk in the African wild and experience Africa by foot during their valuable African visit.

We believe that at some point every tourist would appreciate to walk among East Africa's wildlife and country people to enjoy a true feeling of being in Africa. It is for that reason that we have thought of offering some walking Safaris that will allow us to show you more of Africa by foot.

There are a couple of places where we could take you to experience Africa by foot, anything from rainforest to deserts down to the sand dunes. Most of our walking safaris are either conducted in wildlife areas, where we walk escorted by an armed ranger or within the country side where we walk within human settlements to meet and chat with farmers, fishermen, African men and women in their daily activities, herdsmen and even children.

Our walking safaris are categorized by the many attractions and activities on the walks that we do and mainly we include activities like bird watching, tracking of small and large mammals, reptiles, plants and insects of East Africa, local cultural village visits or even just forest adventure walks. Sometimes we organize expeditions in search of species of birds or mammals, which were last seen a couple of years ago or any other rare species of interest.

Walking is relatively comfortable with most of our walks being fit for all levels of people, but if there are excursions or tours which require a reasonable level of fitness, we will let you know well in advance. Interestingly, we even know some comfortable walking grounds and trails in many places that we visit, which are suitable for clients on wheelchairs. We have organized several tours for physically challenged tourists and we believe that we can be able to take care of all sorts of clientele in that perspective.