Vehicles to be used on your safari are a very important factor to consider at any given safari. The other thing is the ideal number of people to travel in one vehicle for a quality experience.

The safari-designed vehicles that we use in all our safaris are carefully selected according to the itinerary and the current weather conditions, as well as the respective clientele. We have special vehicles for people on wheelchairs and also serious photographers.

Usually we put a maximum of 4 - 5 people in every vehicle to give everyone a window seat, as well as enough room to maneuver. We also consider creating enough room for your guide books, photo gear, telescopes, as well as other paraphernalia.

We manage a fleet of new and comfortable 4x4 and 2x2 safari minibuses, as well as Toyota Land Cruisers and two authentic - custom made Land Rovers. Due to harsh and challenging conditions of our dusty and bad roads-which ironically take us to some of the world wonderful places, we have considered every aspect that would make our clients enjoy a comfortable ride while on safari with us. For that reason, our vehicles are all fitted with Comfortable Seats, Safety Belts, a Pop-up roof for easy viewing, Fire Extinguishers, well stocked First Aid Kit, a Cool Box for storing soft drinks, sufficient Spare Wheels, Mud Gears and other important tools and items. We are even concerned about the physical appearance of our vehicles, as we believe in the best and we are proud to say that our vehicles are among the best in our region.

Besides providing transport to our full tours, in the last 6 years now, we have been providing transport to many major Inbound Travel Agents, as well as other local Agents, who ground operate their tours through us. So, it is possible to hire our vehicles plus an experience professional driver guide for your private or group safari in East Africa if you are an international travel agent or an individual traveller.