With a great diversity of People-Photogenic and rich Cultures, Prestige Wildlife, unique Landscapes and fascinating Natural History, Kenya is one of the greatest destinations for photographers. We cater for all levels of photographers from amateur photographers to professional and seriously dedicated photographers.

One of the modern and most famous ways of photography nowadays is by using the digital cameras, big, small or professional. Most recently, photographers have discovered another way of photography called Digiscoping. Digiscoping actually means shooting digital photos through a Telescope or what some people call the spotting scope.

Digital photography has many advantages over film photography, as it saves time of changing films all the time (and especially during the action, since the card can take many shots), and since you can view what you are photographing, you are assured of good shots. Besides that, you can also work on your photos on the computer through the many photo programs and also easily store them on the CD's or in the computer.

There are a couple of wonderful places in Kenya where you can practice digiscoping photography, as well as a couple of many challenging subjects to photograph. Our tours are going to offer you a chance of digiscoping the many available Water Birds, Perching Birds, Mammals, Flowers, People and a great variety of the wonderful East Africa's Landscapes among other interesting subjects of photography.

Digibining or what most of our clients call 'Digibenning'-Digital-photography with Ben's Ecological Safaris! Digibining is the practice of shooting digital photos through a binocular. It is quite challenging though an interesting activity and it requires high skills, high level of concentration and a combination of the right optics, which accommodate each other perfectly.

Ben and his team of guides have been digiscoping for over 6 years and they have built up a considerable experience of Digital Bird, Wildlife, People and Landscape Photography. With their help and their remarkable experience in guiding East African Digiscoping Safaris, you will be assured of taking wonderful shots, as they know every detail of digital photography, best photography light conditions, best photography sites and will even help you on -the-hold-the-camera-techniques!

Even if you are not a very serious photographer, just bring your optics and we will help you work it out. A good pair of binoculars is also very important, as not only will it help you in game viewing or bird watching, but also scoping for the best photo opportunities.