Ben’s Ecological Safaris helps to organize self-guided bird watching or Photography holidays for people who require traveling on a reasonable budget and certain level of flexibility.

Our Self-guided bird watching holidays or birding expeditions, are mainly organized for small groups (with a minimum of 2 people): Most people wishing to take this kind of a birding tour without a professional guide, already have an idea of the type of the tour they want to do and sometimes locations they would like to visit.

However, Ben’s Ecological Safaris can therefore be able to help travelers with the itinerary planning, local birding hotspots, weather updates, routing and conditions of the road, maps and any other up-to-date-local information.

We will help you arrange for the best and knowledgeable drivers, local guides, security (if need be), reliable transport, good hotels and lodges, camping (including the provision of tents and other camping equipments), as well as any other requirements within our means.

We are able to put up together for you an itinerary and quotation (if need be) to cover just what you require.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information regarding our self-guided tours; as we will be privileged to help you put up your desired holiday!