Sam was born, brought up, schooled and even worked in a law farm based in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya more than three decades ago. Sam believes that life is dynamic and he decided to quite his job to study more about attractions his country has to offer. How many people would trade in a Lawyer job with a safari-guiding job? Sam did exactly that and joined one of the leading Tourism and related Studies School where he graduated as a safari driver guide.

He has worked for many leading safari companies in East Africa and even worked in a couple of East Africa's top Lodges and modern Semi-permanent Tented Camps, as a resident driver guide and naturalist. Sam always wanted to work for a company that offer's specialist safaris and although he has enjoyed his working relationship with other companies, he is our safari driver guide and mainly likes to guide our wildlife tours.

Ever since he quitted his first job and studied about the attractions of East Africa, he has greatly appreciated the flora and fauna of his beloved country and hence he has every reason to share his wide knowledge and experience with anyone willing to visit his country.