It is almost unbelievable to think that it is possible to do a pelagic tour in East Africa, but the birds found in the first few plate numbers of the East Africa’s birds guide books, can almost exclusively be found within our share of the Indian Ocean. However, there are a few that could be found within the many wonderful East African’s lakes and man-made dams where we also we do some "pelagic" tours too!

Our Pelagic tours are a great combination of beach holiday with Dolphin Watching Excursions Scuba diving and Snookering, where we study the wonderful Marine life of our East African Coast. The East African coast is rich in birds and especially many of them being migrants from Europe where they sometimes congregate here in their thousands. Besides the Birds, the Dolphins, Crabs, Fish, the Coral reefs and other marine life, our pelagic tours offer a chance to learn more about the Coastal Culture.

Our drive to Shimoni Kenya, where we start most of our Dolphin/Pelagic tours is particularly very interesting, as we drive past several beautiful Swahili villages with kids and many locals waving at us. Also after the Pelagic/Dolphin ride, we usually visit the Wasini Island, one of the coastal islands which were first inhabited by the Arabic Sailors. It is very interesting to visit their ancient mosques and houses, which are believed to be over 100 years old, as well as see the Senior Arab Sailors Mausoleums, ancient mosques among other historical monuments.

To make it enjoyable and relaxing, the pelagic tours are done with a Traditional Swahili Dhow and since it is a full day program, we serve a traditional lunch (Crabs, fish, chicken and even a vegetarian meals) on board to ensure maximum time for bird watching, as well as dolphin watching. On this package, everything is usually inclusive and we will provide lots of sodas, tea, coffee, mineral water, beers and even wine, as well as lots of bitings.

This tour will be guided by Dolphin watching experts, ocean experts, local Duruma cultural guides, as well as our professional bird guides. If you ever thought of doing a pelagic tour in East Africa, swimming with Dolphins, Snookering or Scuba diving in Kenyan coast and watching the marine life, learn about the local cultures and learn local methods of fishing from the local expert fishermen, then you need to book this tour!