Benjamin Obanda (also called Ben), a Luhya by tribe, was born, brought up near Kakamega Forest, schooled near it, studied its birds, worked in it as a forest guide and has also worked tirelessly for its preservation.

Among his many contributions is the establishment of the Kakamega Environmental Educational Program (KEEP), as a pioneer member, a local support group, which is fundamental to the survival of Kakamega Forest.
He has also been assisting in training other local guides as well as giving educational talks on conservation to the local people living within the forest, as well as nearby schools-he is an outstanding personality in the conservation of Kakamega Forest.

Other than that, he has been assisting Ornithological Research Projects within the forest and so, he has acquired a wide knowledge of the Kakamega Forest, and experience of birding and guiding bird watching groups within the Forest, where he has been actively attached since 1993.

Benjamin is probably one of the local guides who have recorded a good list of birds within the forest and the surrounding. He is normally our forest host guide when we go to Kakamega forest, as well as guiding our bird watching and cultural tours in other local areas within his region.