Bernard was born in the shadows of Mount Kenya and was brought up in the countryside where he constantly encountered with the wildlife, looking after his father's cattle. He grew up in Laikipia area; one of the areas still teemed with wildlife outside game reserves. His encounter with wildlife made him form a gang of local hunters for bush meat and when he finished his secondary education, he thought of studying the wildlife he has brought up with.

Bernard is among the second generation of East Africa's safari guides and has worked as a driver guide for more than twenty years. He has seen the tourism industry in Kenya grow and has guided many safaris and worked for wildlife movies including some of the famous movies like 'Out of Africa'. While on duty he has gained a very wide experience in our attractions and today he enjoys sharering his knowledge and experience with travelers.

He is our chief driver guide and although he drives for all our tours, his favorite safaris are bird watching tours and his wonderful stories about his safari experience; wildlife encounter, safaris problems-getting stuck in the mud for 3 days and encounter with many tourists are probably what will amuse you!

In his part time, he has also been driving for the famous East Africa Safari Rally as a service crew team coordinator and he is a keen member of the East Africa Motor cross. His driving techniques are also what he considers as one of the best things he is really experienced in.