Francis is our site guide at Lake Baringo area and he is the youngest member of our field team. He is a very keen birder and a serious upcoming talented local guide with wonderful birding skills. Most of our clients like him very much and we are looking at possibilities of sponsoring him for a further training and finally recruiting him full time in our BES team.

He has also been involved in regular monitoring and research activities of birds of Lake Baringo area and mainly breeding behaviors of Hornbills and Weavers.  He has been a field assistant of many university students doing their field research on birds of Lake Baringo area and he is currently working with some Swiss-German students researching about breeding biology of Ploceus weavers.

Since he is a local birder in the Lake Baringo where our tours usually visit he keeps track on a couple of special birds that we would like to see and hence we are guests in his hands when we go there!