"When we visited Kenya on the 8th of August (2002), we had the pleasure to have Benson Mugambi as a professional Safari Guide in the area of Nairobi National Park and Samburu Game Reserve. In a very intelligent and engaged manner he taught us about birds, mammals, reptiles, plants, landscapes and the inhabitants. Ben has made our safari-experience something out of the ordinary."

Helge Amossen
Leader of churchyard in Strib
Email: hamossen@tiscali.dk

The tour in Nairobi NP went very well; we saw a total of 107 species (between 11.30 and 6.00), of which not less than 26 species were new to me! Highlights (for me) were the Finfoot, a White-headed Saw-wing, Hartlaub's and White-bellied Bustard, Black-chested Snake-eagle, Quail-finch, Yellow-breasted Apalis, etc. Also saw the usual mammals, including 2 Black Rhinos. Shailesh is a good guide and has good knowledge about the local birds; him and the driver were waiting for me at the airport, and dropped me there again in the evening. So it really was a very enjoyable and interesting day - seeing so many species in such a short time really isn't possible over here in Switzerland.

Bram Piot
December 2002

Since my first trip to Kenya, I have wanted to spend the time to do more birdwatching but until this trip I did not have the opportunity.  I lucked out by finding Ben's Ecological Safari's and I was not disappointed. I can't thank you enough (asante sana sana) for being such excellent guides on my short weekend safari.  You were able to accomodate my desire to do some serious birdwatching in the limited time I had and you designed an itinerary that was perfect for my needs. Ben's expert knowledge of birds and Bernards keen eyes combined to a total of 150 birds identified, many rare for their area. More amazing was that Ben knew all of those birds.  It made it so much fun to have a true naturalist and birding enthusiast to serve as my guide. I look forward to many more trips.

Rosemary Rochford
Email: rose13066@yahoo.com  
July 2003

Just a quick email to say thanks very much for the weekend - I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, and Peter was excellent company - please pass on my thanks to him also. I will let you know if I plan to do another trip (magadi road) before I head back (work permitting), but if I don't this time, I will certainly bear you in mind for my next trip, and also pass on my recommendations to friends, thanks again,

(06/09/2008- 07/09/2008)

It is hard to believe we have been home for a week! What a trip!! Thank you so much for everything.... the birds, the mammals, the butterflies, all other aspects of wildlife, the insight into your beautiful country and your friendship. We will send you a full report in a few weeks. We are tracking down the Nightjars book and have all other things ready to post to you as a small token of our thanks. You, and Tom, made this a trip to treasure forever. We totaled about 360 species of which 45 were lifers for me. My World total is now 5108! Excellent star birds we will not forget like Taita thrush, Taita Apalis, Sokoke Scops and Pipit, Clarke's Weaver and Madagascar Pratincoles. The mammals were fantastic. I will be glad if you could send us a list of all the reptiles we saw. We will keep in close touch. We have already planned with some of our family to do an intensive Highlands and Mara trip 16/17 days in July-Aug. 2010. We will discuss the planning with you in a few months, OK? UK birding not as spectacular as Kenya but we have LOTS of waders and a few UK rarities about. The best is an Audouin's Gull on our East coast. VERY rare in UK. I saw a Eurasian Hobby today near to where we live. Give our love to Tom and his wife, we hope all goes well. All our best regards to you Ben and your family, your friends.

Steve and Judy,
(31/07/2008- 13/08/2008)

Our Just Finished August Safari!
Good news on the trip. I'm glad it went well.
For 2009, I have you down to guide our main tour already (3rd - 21st May). I hope this is OK. If not please let me know as soon as possible, and then I can alter the dates. We have 3 confirmed already, and 2 probable, and we only need three for it to go, so it's definitely on. I put your photo in the brochure as well!

Nigel Moorhouse.
(23/08/2008 - 06/09/2008

Jambo We hope you are well and things are improving for you. We have finally finished going through our pictures from our WONDERFUL trip with you and Douglas in May and want to let you know that it couldn't have been better.
We had a fantastic trip! Were you aware that after you dropped us at the Arusha airport Mt. Kilimanjaro decided to come out of the clouds and tell us good-bye? We had great views of it prior to our leaving! We have communicated with Rick Taylor at Borderlands Tours letting him know what a great guide you are and hope that you received a copy of that email. I have attached some lizard pictures and I would appreciate your help in identifying what they are called. Our memories of the trip are vivid and in the future we want to return to let you show us your Kenya! It won't be anytime soon, we will need to save the money first, but we will return!

Joe and Marcia Pugh,
(03/05/2008- 17/05/2008)

I wanted to express my thanks again for a great (yet short) trip. I was really impressed and thankful for everything we were able to see. Your skill and knowledge are great and I was glad to benefit from both!
The contact info for the owner of the Sundance Lodge outside of Arusha where we stopped yesterday afternoon is:

Joseph Mfinanga
Box 8079
Arusha, Tanzania
Tel: 0754-571590

I'll take back to Glenside what we have talked about - and I'll leave your contact information with my colleague here in Arusha. Hopefully they will think positively of the idea of an environmental education course and move forward.
I also hope to be seeing you in the future - either on another birding trip in East Africa, or if you make it to the Philadelphia area (I'd be happy to go to the Cape May Bird Observatory and environs)!!
Goodbye for now!

(30/06/2008 01/07/2008)

I just wanted to thank you for producing a wonderful safari experience for us. We had a great time and enjoyed every minute. George did an outstanding job negotiating the pitted roads. He was VERY respectful of not only his passengers but of the vehicle and other guests as well (he was careful not to block their views while crowded around an animal). He also is very knowledgeable of the areas and wildlife. He will make an excellent guide in the future. Adrian was also wonderful. He was cheerful and excited about even the smallest of things. We all appreciated the easy conversation and jovial manner presented by George and Adrian each day.
I think that I have finally resolved my wire transfer worries. I at least found my funds transferred in Oct 2007 and Feb 2008. They were both credited to your account. The following is the information I was given this morning. 21-2-08 deposit of $1270 US reference #5880111151FC, 16-10-07 deposit of $1270 US reference #4585500285FC
Please check your records and let me know what will be the easiest method of reimbursement. I appreciate your time.
Again, thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I'll be sure to suggest Ben's to anyone planning a safari in the future.

Holly Kiernicki,
(31/07/2008 18/08/2008)

Here are a few photos that I think you may be interested in. These have moderate compression so they can download in a reasonable time.
If you want the full size of any of these, let me know. I am sending the picture of you and your logo separately in full size in case you want to print it or use it in some other way.
I hope to put together a slideshow of about 100 annotated photos that can be viewed from a website, and I will send the address to you when I post the show.
Thanks again for a wonderful tour. I enjoyed so much your professional guiding as well as the many side discussions we had.

Best regards,

I just want to thank you again for putting together such a wonderful trip for us! It was superb and I really feel fortunate that we were able to have you as our leader!
As you requested, here are the e-mail addresses for Lim Kim Keang and Tiare

1. Kim Keang: kklimsg@singnet.com.sg
2. Tiare: pcs@palaunet.com (put "For Tiare Holm" in the subject line)

When you get the final identification of the "white raptor" we saw above Mountain Lodge sorted out, please let me know. I'm really curious as to the final ID.
I look forward to seeing you and traveling together with you again in the future!
All my best,

(23/10/2007- 01/11/2007)

Birding with you in Kenya in autumn 2007 was great. Many thanks.
All the best for 2008.
Let us hope that Kenya will soon find a way to solve its present problems.
Best wishes

Werner Mueller,
(23/10/2007- 01/11/2007)

Wonderful photo, Werner. I am sure you have many.
I too greatly enjoyed our trip to Kenya. Best wishes to you and Birdlife Switzerland for the New Year.

(23/10/2007- 01/11/2007)

Our Kenya Trip
Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our Kenya Trip from Oct 30th to Nov 15th 2008. Frank helped us from the 1st day with all the details (pick up at airport, to day trip to the Karen Blixen House to the Friday market.
Frank was always there and helpful. Also we can't say enough good things about George our driver for the tour. George is a great person and we were lucky to have spent 2 weeks with him. His local knowledge and great driving skill, not to mention his keen eyesight to spot the leopard next to us in the bush.
We wish you all the best and hope we can use you again. We would highly recommend your company and especially George and Frank.
Best regards

Linton and Carol Hamilton,
New Fairfield, Ct USA
(30/10/2008 15/11/2008)

I recently returned from a wonderful birding safari in Kenya with Tropical Birding which, as you know, used your company as its ground agent. I thought you should know that one of the main reasons our safari tour was so successful and enjoyable was because of the knowledge and professionalism of your driver, George Mbugua. George was, at all times, punctual, courteous and resourceful. He was professional both in his appearance and in his demeanor. He was also a wealth of information about the people, places, birds and animals we encountered. We were also very impressed George's kindness and consideration for his passengers, his colleagues and almost all other people he came in contact with.
As a professional with a large global corporation, it was most appreciated to go on a vacation that was for me in a very remote location and be cared for so well by an employee such as George. I certainly hope you value and appreciate him as much as the four of us participants did.
With thanks and kind regards,

Evelyn Merriman
(30/10/2008 15/11/2008)
T 724.539.5935
F 724.539.6766