There are so many birds in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda that are out of reach by road or rather complicated to use road transport to get to those several locations. For that reason we have exploited other possible ways of accessing those habitats either by boat, dhows or simply by flying there.

These exciting birding holidays focuses on more than 100 plus endemics, sub- continental specialties and regular migrants without compromising on the quality of accommodation, which ranges from 3-5 star Hotels, Lodges or Luxurious Camps, which are only available in several locations. In addition to birding, which is the prime focus, there will be an opportunity to see and enjoy other forms of natural history such as: Dragonflies, Butterflies, Reptiles, different habitats and Mammals.

The visit to these areas also incorporates an opportunity to enjoy a tinge of local cultures respectively. Therefore, these tours are also suitable for people with broader interests. One of the key attributes of this holiday visit is it’s interpretative and logical guiding by Ben Mugambi our chief guide with surpassable birding experience in East Africa as well as his other team of guides. This tour is expertly guided with every aspect looked at personally from A to Z.

The itinerary basically covers a variety of habitat types, which includes Tropical lowlands and highlands forests, Lily-covered inland reservoirs and wetlands, dry country savanna-thorny scrublands, extreme deserts and semi deserts, coastal mudflats and other types of habitats. Consequently, this helps in providing an opportunity to visit a lot of areas with fantastic mega fauna and flora with a prime focus of experiencing places of high Avi - faunal zones hence ensuring highly profitable birding experience.

Leave the clouds and bitumen roads behind and discover the rare and beautiful wildlife and habitats of the East Africa’s outback.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, twicher or just a photographer; we have something for everyone…….!