We have been organizing and guiding professional bird watching safaris in East Africa for a number of years and we believe that we can professionally host your East Africa bird watching safari.
Like most of the long ago European explorers, used to believe; that "An education of a gentleman is to be completed with a Grand Tour to Africa" we believe that every self-respecting international bird watcher should visit Africa at least once and do a 'Grand' bird watching tour of East Africa.

Our chief commitment down here is to offer you a wonderful and a most enjoyable bird watching safari, that will possibly take you to see the African Endemics; anything from the beautiful Turacos, Mighty Ostriches, Huge Ground Hornbills, and some impressive Guineafowls, Inquisitive Woodhoopes, the elegant Secretary Bird, the rare Shoebill, The Hammerkop, Mousebirds and a great collection of the African Barbets among other hundreds of impressive species.

Our tours normally visit most of the important bird areas now known as Important Biodiversity Areas (I.B.A’s), where we see many of the East African specialties, as well as Endemics. In a two weeks safari, we normally record an average of 400 species on a comfortable bird watching safari, although this depends with the season. Hence, we can even record as many as 600 plus species in two weeks.

In Februally 2006 we hosted and guided a tour that has broken the African Birding Record which was set 10 years ago. Our tour recorded 913 species in one month birding throughout East Africa on a comfortable safari. However, our motto is to offer ‘quality’ birding not 'quantity' birding and usually we prefer spending at least 2 nights in almost every place. Most of our bird watching is done by foot, but in most of our protected areas with dangerous wild animals we do our birding in the safety of our special safari vehicles.

Since we are Local Bird Guides and due to the fact that we travel a lot, we know many local birding hotspots than most of the other casual bird watching companies. Most of our tours also visit many places where regular or casual birding groups do not visit and hence ensuring you most of the unusual records. We are also the only company in our region, which can be able to take you to some of the places out of the tourist's circuit, as well as provide first hand information.

We cater for all levels of birders from amateurs, experienced and serious professional birders to bird clubs, as well as physically challenged birders. There are also special itineraries for a regular East African birder and we do not mind receiving a list of local birds that you would really like to see and then we design you an itinerary based on your individual target list.