Bertha has been in tourism industry for a while now after she graduated at Air Travel and Related Studies Centre with an IATA Advanced Diploma in Travel Operations.  After that she has worked in a couple of travel agent companies, as well as hotel industry, where we fished her. She grew up with her parents (just at the outskirts of Arusha - Tanzania) who are still in the hospitality industry, thus nurturing her interests from an early age. Bertha is the first most likely person to reply to the client’s enquiries as she is responsible for all enquiries, both international and local. She is totally committed to offering the best possible service, an enthusiastic person offering tremendous administrative support to the company. It is probably through her wonderful skills in organizing the tours that our safaris have been so successful. Her vision is to be the best that she can be and help the company achieve its goal of being the best Travel Agent in East Africa. She is currently managing our small office in Arusha, Tanzania.