Dear Travellers,

I would like to welcome you to our new website, which is our online version safari catalogue with a great selection of our East Africa’s services and tours. I hope that you will enjoy visiting our website and that this will encourage you to arrange your next holiday with us. Africa undoubtedly offers more wonderful attractions than any

other continent in the world. Africa also attracts many repeat visitors than any other continent and many of our clients go on Safari with us annually or even twice per year. However, there are dozens of more people who always dream about being in Africa, but how many are discouraged from traveling because they are afraid of their safety, healthy, or are even unaware of the attractions that Africa continent can offer?

Here in Africa, we are blessed with many unique tourist attractions and at the same time, we have suffered ‘wounds’ of negative image mainly transmitted by the international media. And this has created a very negative impression to many potential tourists, who believe that Africa is one of the most dangerous places in the world to visit. The other problem is limited knowledge of the Geographical differences between different countries in Africa and because they see on their TV screens a report on civil war in Sierra Leone or fighting in Somali, Ethiopian or Sudan and possible terrorism attacks, they should therefore cancel their planned holidays to Kenya or Tanzania.

Ironically, the knowledge that certain locations in the United States are prone to serious shootings and muggings does not deter visitors to travel there, nor do the present, war and terrorism attacks and other tragic situations in some parts of world prevent people from visiting there. We, who are in Africa, we need to make great efforts to inform and educate the world on the peace and tranquil, which can only be found in East African acacia savannahs with hot and dusty plains teemed with mammals and birds!

Many people who have never been to Africa do not know the size or geographical differences of different countries. I wonder how many people realize that East Africa has about 60% of megafauna and megaflora found in Africa with among the highest numbers of endemic and unique species, large congregations of both mammals and birds than anywhere on earth.

So, if you are serious about going on safari to East Africa, then don’t put it off, just do it now, don’t wait until many factors prevent you from traveling. Life is dynamic, uncertain and everything keeps on changing: Personal Finances, Age, Health, Air fares and accommodations, as well as the World Politics. East Africa too is changing with permanent rivers now drying up, Animals, Birds and other organisms too are becoming extinct, Forests are diminishing and even Africa itself is fast disappearing. The Africa we had five years ago is not the Africa we have today.

If you are serious about visiting East Africa and if visiting East Africa is on the list of the 88 things that you would like to do in your life, then start reading now, get your passport now, buy your ticket, make your reservations and off you go. Come and experience, share with us your joys of being in Africa and we will create a deeper understanding and appreciation to the wonderful collection of what East Africa can offer!

It is my sincere hope that Ben’s Ecological Safaris will act as a source of reassurance to those people who are thinking about taking their holidays to Africa. Most of our clients can actually testify that this is a wonderful place and their first safari has yielded many more.

For regular visitors with us, we hope that you will find some inspiration from this information for your future trips and that our new introduced tours will offer you something new. Your references and endorsements to many new travellers to East Africa are greatly appreciated and thank you for your great support and friendship.

I would also like to thank the entire team of Ben’s Ecological Safaris, our agents abroad, Hotels, Camps and Lodges and all of you who have helped make us successful all along, despite the serious problems that has faced our country and the tourism industry in general. To our agents abroad, thanks for your continued support and we look forward to continue providing our professional services at all times. Yours sincerely,

Benson G. Mugambi,
Ben’s Ecological Safaris.